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We are a cleaning company and our goal is to make your life easier

CleanWhale - the professional cleaning company for everyone

Nowadays, hiring professionals from cleaning companies is becoming more and popular. People don’t want to waste their precious time for cleaning, and they decide to entrust their apartment, house or office to a professional cleaning company. Thanks to that, it is possible to spend time for important things. Complex service from cleaning company is not reserved only for wealthy people. At CleanWhale’s, we care about all of our customers, that is why our offer meets the expectations of every wallet. Cooperation with professional team has many advantages. Firstly, cleaning house or apartment is usually done during the spare time. Secondly, during the cleaning we usually do not focus on small details, and all work is done superficially. With CleanWhale you can easily focus on relaxing, spending time with your family or your own pleasures. Also, with our qualified staff, you can be sure that all cleaning will be done with attention to every detail. It is worth to remember that every apartment or house requires thorough and proper cleaning from time to time. Hire professionals and trust CleanWhale.

Why is CleanWhale the best cleaning company?

At CleanWhale’s we always put our customers needs and expectations first. Our qualified and experienced team is always ready to meet special requests from all clients and gives the possibility to modify specific services. CleanWhale’s offer is full of advanced and complex cleaning services, thanks to that we are certain that you will find perfect cleaning package for your own house. More than 3000 cooperations with customers per month, and only positive opinions about CleanWhale constitute the best recommendation for our cleaning company. CleanWhale’s staff is a team of trustworthy professionals, always maximally engaged and motivated in their work. Check our offer and place your first order on the website. Fill the form and leave necessary information. Our team will show up on a chosen date and take care of the mess. Start to cooperate with us, and you will see that CleanWhale is the best cleaning company for everyone.

The professional cleaning company - check our offer

Customers are the most important point of every agreement, that is why we offer a full range of cleaning services tailored to the expectations of all interested customers. Our staff is qualified and trained to clean houses, apartments, office buildings, apartment complexes and many other areas which need professional cleaning. Our main offer includes:

  • - vacuuming floors and carpets
  • - floors cleaning
  • - washing the bathroom
  • - cleaning the kitchen
  • - washing carpets and rugs
  • - washing furniture
  • - dry cleaners
  • - washing office chairs
  • - washing windows

Except the basic packages of cleaning services, we also provide a possibility of ordering complementary cleaning options, guaranteeing full order and cleanliness in every corner of your house or apartment. With CleanWhale you can be sure that every interior is clean, fresh and hygienic. You can start using every place of your home right away the service is done. Check the full offer of our cleaning company and choose additional services. You can choose below options and add to cart:

  • - ironing
  • - organizing your wardrobe and closets
  • - cleaning the litter box of your pets
  • - washing and arranging things inside kitchen cabinets
  • At CleanWhale’s we constantly extend our offer because we want to make sure that everyone can find a perfect service. Choose the best cleaning company and let us take care of your home.

    Fixed and clear prices

    Fixed and clear prices

    You immediately see the final cost of cleaning. All cleaning prices and additional services are displayed on the order page.
    Quick and convenient order

    Quick and convenient order

    You can order cleaning or dry cleaning in one minute. Indicate the number of rooms and additional options, select the date and time.
    Payment by card or cash

    Payment by card or cash

    Cooperation with legal entities
    Experienced team

    Experienced team

    We have been working since 2016. All cleaners are selected and trained
    Experienced team

    Good or free cleaning

    If you are not satisfied with the quality of cleaning, we will do it for free
    Experienced team

    Public contract

    We always work with the contract and all necessary documents
    Experienced team

    Punctuality and responsibility

    Our cleaners arrive on time and take responsibility for work
    Experienced team

    Same-day cleaning order, key delivery

    We can come to you in 2 hours after placing the order
    Experienced team

    Gift certificates

    Cleaning is a great present. Pay for the certificate online, we will deliver it within a day
    Experienced team

    Bonus program

    We have discounts and bonus points. For regular customers we give a premium card
    3000 satisfied customers every month

    Over 3000 satisfied customers every month

    Make the first order
    Make the first order

    Promo code start - 15% off your first order