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House cleaning services Berlin

The service includes a kitchen, bathroom, rooms and a corridor/hall

1 room
1 bathroom
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Nataliia Kazankova
Nataliia Kazankova
Perfect service. Nice personnel and amazing quality of cleaning. I’m very satisfied with my experience with CleanWhale and I absolutely recommend it
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The guy was awesome with very good service .please keep it up .. Thank you !!
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Thank you for your review!
Our services
Fixed price
Fixed price
The cleaning cost depends on the number of rooms, and not on the area of the apartment
Card or cash
Card or cash
You choose how you prefer to pay - by credit card or cash
Our services are insured
Our services are insured
Payment only after cleaning
Everything is ready for cleaning
Everything is ready for cleaning
For each order, we have the necessary cleaning products, inventory

How much it costs

Select the frequency of cleaning to see the price with discount
Once a week
Twice a month
Once a month
One-time cleaning

What cleaning consists of

In the room
In the corridor
We wipe dust off all exposed surfaces
We carefully arrange your shoes and fold your things
We make beds and change bedding
We wash window sills, radiators, baseboards, handles, doors, and switches
We vacuum and wash floors
We clean mirrors
We remove and take out the garbage
We remove garbage
We wash floors
We will gently fold and hang your clothes
We will arrange your shoes
We wipe all surfaces, a refrigerator, an extractor hood, kitchen appliances or a microwave
We wash facades and furniture
We wash a stove, sink and countertop
We wipe the tile
We wipe window sills, radiators, baseboards, doors, and switches
We wash floors
We arrange chairs, make an order
We wash the dishes. However, this refers to a small amount in the sink. If there are a lot of dirty dishes, check the box for additional services
We wipe all surfaces
We wash and disinfecting the toilet
We wash the bathroom, faucets or showers. But remember: if your shower or bathtub is very dirty, you need to warn about this
We wash the sink
We clean mirrors
We wash the floor and baseboards, vacuum mats
We can put your things in the laundry
We arrange things neatly
All our services
Do you clean in detached houses?
Yes, we provide cleaning in summer homes, detached houses, row houses and apartments with non-standard floor plans. You can book a cleaning via our website: specify the number of rooms and bathrooms; add floor space in square meters in the comments. You can also make a booking on social media or via our call center.
How is the subscription paid?

We do not have prepayment, cleaning is paid after completion by card or cash. If you added a car or linked it, the sum will be blocked, but not charged – this means, if you cancel the order, money will be immediately unblocked. If you cancel the next cleaning (you can do this up to 16 hours before the start), there are no penalties. The subscription can be renewed at any time.

It is convenient to pay for cleaning using a linked card in your personal account - you do not need any additional actions, the sum is charged automatically after the completion of the order.

Do you work only in Berlin?
We work in Berlin and the suburbs.
Do I need to provide my own cleaning supplies?
Our experts have everything they need to clean the entire apartment and wash the windows. We use professional supplies. You only need to open the door.
Can dates be changed?

Yes, all dates and time are flexible. You will receive a confirmation SMS with a link to edit the date, time and cleaning parameters. If you booked a once a week cleaning, but rescheduled the date and it will take place in 10 days, your weekly discount will remain.

No robots and automatic answers - ask a question and get a quick answer from a human

House cleaning services - what are they and how to reach them?

Our home is a place in which most of us do a variety of things daily. From working during the week to partying at weekends, from meeting friends or family to sitting alone and reading books. We have to be aware that no matter what activity we do, it always causes less or more dirt to show up that has to be cleaned. It is a normal process in every place in the world. It is our responsibility to clean our house and keep tidiness as much as possible. Furthermore, a clean house is very important for our mental health. Many of us forget that we have to be staying in a cozy and tidy place has even more positive influence on us than we can imagine. But what to do if we cannot afford enough time to really make our house tidiness satisfying for us? That’s where house cleaning servicescome to help. If you are a busy person, or you just don’t like cleaning that much and want someone else to do it for you—house cleaning services can really be the end of your problems. Cleanwhale is one of those house cleaning services that can surely help you to keep your home the best way possible!

How exactly do cleaning services work?

Keeping a tidy and clean home may be an issue for many people. Weekly cleaning takes a lot of time. With very few of it, not every person can keep their home in a satisfying condition. Also, sometimes it is necessary to use special equipment such as professional cleaning vacuums or high ladders to clean places that we can’t get to or just can’t clean doing it manually. Investing in equipment like this may be a big challenge for a home budget and not really worth it as we won’t use those items very often. Many of us already searched for house cleaning services. Though, it is a key to verify if the company we chose is not only professional but also honest and trustworthy. Clean house may be very important, but we don’t really want anyone to steal our property. Information about price and estimated time of service should always be visible for a customer before ordering house cleaning services. It should be easy to order and you should always stay in touch with a crew you order. Cleanwhale is definitely all those things at once!

Cleanwhale - House cleaning services you can trust!

Cleanwhale is a company that offers house cleaning services internationally. We have a huge experience in our profession as we have been doing it for a long time already. We own professional equipment that helps us get rid of any dirt we have to deal with. Our offer is very varied—cleaning after renovation, cleaning business spaces and offices, cleaning carpets and mattresses. Every offer is available to see on our website. You can choose which service you need. After fulfilling the parameters necessary to make an order, such as the date or amount of surface to clean, you will be shown the price and estimated time of service. There are no hidden payments. Cleanwhale - house cleaning services available for you even today. Many people already trusted our house cleaning services. You can order easily through our website.

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