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Clean wallpaper by yourself with effective methods and enjoy your perfect interior

Try the best methods to clean wallpaper at home

There are plenty of reasons why wallpaper gets dirty. Dust that accumulates on the walls, flames from a fireplace, oily fingerprints or smog in the air are the most common cause. Wallpapers should be cleaned regularly, regardless of their style or type. Clean wallpaper looks great in every interior, also it is the main element that catches guest’s eye. Cleaning of wallpapers should be done regularly to avoid dust, dirt and dangerous microorganisms that gather in stains. Dusting is one of the most important activities, which everyone should do at least once a month. Also, it is worth to remember that every stain, especially oily ones, must be removed immediately after soiling. There are many easy ways to clean wallpaper at home. Firstly, check what material is the wallpaper made of - vinyl, bamboo, paper, fiberglass or seagrass. After that, you can choose the best way to clean wallpaper in your house.

How to clean wallpaper? Simple tricks and recommended methods

Vinyl wallpapers are one of the most durable and easy to clean surfaces. This type of wallpaper is resistant to water and most cleaning supplies. That is why, it is usually placed in kitchens or bathrooms. You can easily clean wallpaper made of vinyl with water and dish soap or vinegar, using a soft cloth. As a fiberglass wallpaper is also durable and can be washed with water, you can use the same mixture as in case of vinyl wallpaper. Traditional wallpaper can be easily damaged and cannot be scrubbed or washed with water. The easiest way to clean wallpaper is school eraser. Unfortunately, it is not the most effective method, but it can help to remove or at least reduce stains.

Wallpaper made of bamboo cannot be cleaned with water or any cleaning supplies available in markets. In this case, you can use eraser to remove regular stains and corn starch to get rid of oily stains. Put a lot of corn starch into a food wrap and stick it directly to the oily stain. Leave it for at least 24h, after that remove and wipe off the wallpaper with a soft cloth.

Clean wallpaper with professional cleaning service

Hiring qualified cleaning staff is a smart solution that will not only allow you to enjoy with clean wallpaper, but also help you save your precious time. Professional team from CleanWhale will help you to get rid of difficult stains and make all your wallpapers clean like never before. At CleanWhale’s, we always meet the expectations and needs of our clients. Many years of experience in the cleaning industry, only positive opinions about the services and hundreds of signed contracts prove that CleanWhale is a trustworthy and recommended company. With CleanWhale you don’t have to worry about dust, stains or any other dirt on your wallpaper. Our team is always motivated and ready to help you. Do not wait any longer and check the full offer of clean wallpaper service on our website. Place your first order and join to hundreds of satisfied customers.