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Gift cleaning Gift cleaning
Gift cleaning Gift cleaning

What to do if there is a damage?

If the cleaners have broken something, we will fully refund the damage and your time.

Other frequently asked questions

How it works? Safety during cleaning

We have been working since 2016. We have an experienced team and a smoothly running recruitment and training system. We do a thorough background check accompanied by several interviews, test cleanings and exams. All our cleaners have long-term contracts.

We take responsibility for the safety of your personal data. Our employees sign an additional confidentiality agreement.

How it works? Can I leave a tip?
We welcome tips for our employees. We can add it to your credit card charge, or you can tip in cash. The specific cleaner that you are tipping will receive 100% of the tip.
How it works? I am happy with the quality
We would be happy to receive your public feedback. Please leave your review here: google, facebook
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