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Gift cleaning Gift cleaning

Dry cleaning supplies

We use professional dry cleaning supplies made by Kärcher and Cleamen. They are hypoallergenic and safe for kids and pets.

Other frequently asked questions

How it works? What are the guarantees?
Unfortunately, we cannot fully guarantee the removal of all stains. We will, however, account for full compliance with the dry cleaning procedure. The use of a wet-dry vacuum cleaner.
How it works? What don't you clean?
We don't clean curtains, duvets, clothes and leather furniture. We don't dry clean rugs in our facility; we can only clean them in your home.
How it works? What do you clean?
We do dry cleaning of upholstered furniture, rugs and carpeting. We do the dry cleaning on site.
How it works? We use professional equipment
We use professional equipment made by Kärcher for dry cleaning of upholstery and carpets.
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